Artificial Intelligence is the Future


Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that allows intelligent agents(Machine) to embrace cognitive functions associated with human minds such as  “Problem Solving” and “Learning”. It is also known as Machine Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is making its way to the society and AI enthusiasts are finding their place after the pitfalls in the 90’s. The future for AI is as bright as Light.

Challenges/ Discoveries of the 60s-90s

  1. ALPAC Report ,1966 reported that machines translation was more expensive, less accurate and slower than Human translation.
  2. Perceptions in 1970 : First implementation in custom Hardware was one of the first artificial neural networks to be produced.
  3. Light hill Report ,1973
  4. AI Winter ,1987 – 1993 : The enthusiast were cut-short due to lack of Funds
  5. Collapse of Lisp Machine ,1987 which was produced by Symbolics.



Artificial intelligence is moving from narrow AI (or weak AI) to General AI( AGI or Strong AI). AGI is the Long-term goal for Artificial Intelligence Researchers.

The adoption of “STEM” has led to a larger degree of integration and cross-fertilization between AI, machine Learning, Statistics, Control theory, Science and other fields.

Recent remarkable Success in AI tasks can be traced to the following: Establishment of shared theoretical frameworks, Availability of data, Processing power which mitigated/eliminate the pitfalls.



Few projects in AI

  • Rewalk’s soft exoskeleton : Designed for more mobility for stroke patient.
  • Exosuit (Robot Pant) : makes it easier to carry a heavy load.
  • Cheetah 3: Designed to carryout nobler task capable of lifting payload.
  • Self- Driving cars (Volvo, Uber) , now we have Self- Driving truck.
  • Drones
  • Udacity projects.
  • AlphaGo.
  • Google Translate.
  • Yahoo Babel Fish and so much more.



AI is progressing rapidly from SIRI to Self-driving Cars and AI can only get better. Countries are welcoming AI with open arms and individual are researching the subjects.

Do you think AI will become better than Humans at all cognitive tasks?                                   Kindly leave a Comment




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