Uber is giving free ride to UK Wheelchair users this week.


Uber is teaming up with disability charity Whizz Kidz to get vote out during the election by offering free rides to polling stations for wheelchair users.  The wheelchair will be accessible in three UK cities: London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The voucher will be sent either via the company’s app (if they’ve used UberAccess before) or direct from Whizz-Kidz. Wheelchair users are entitled to two (2) free voucher codes worth up to £10 ($13) each.

“Exercising your right to vote is such a fundamental milestone in transitioning from childhood to adulthood. For many young wheelchair users across the UK, this year will mark the first time ever they’ve been eligible to vote in a General Election, so it’s important that the barriers that can stand between them and making their voices heard are removed. We’re delighted, then, that our Travel Alliance partner Uber are making things easier by providing free Uber ACCESS rides to polling stations in major cities. We hope Uber’s generous move will inspire many young wheelchair users to get out and vote on Thursday, June 8th.” Ruth Owen said.

Ruth Owen is Chief Executive of Whizz-Kidz and was awarded Charity Leader Honour three years ago.


The rides will be available between 7AM and 10PM and Uber is paying for the trips. The company is planning to remind UK users to make their voice heard during the election, with an in-app notification and to lend a hand in locating polling location.

Do you think this people will comply to cast their votes during the polling exercise ?Leave your comment below.

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