British Airways’ Weekend Mayhem

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A “major IT system glitch” is caused British Airways some headaches over last weekend. The airline reports that the computer issues are causing problems worldwide, and that flights out of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been canceled.

British Airways blamed it on  power-supply problem. The glitch threw the plans of thousands of travelers into disarray, on what is a holiday weekend in Britain.

The airline advised passengers to avoid going to the airport if they have a flight schedule before 6PM, to mitigate already crowded terminals, and that it’s unable to re-book passengers to other flights at that time and this cost them to check-in some to an hotel. The problems don’t appear to be related to any sort of cyber attack, according to a British Airways spokesperson, who spoke with the BBC.

Alex Cruz (CEO British Airways) apologised in the video below:


— Melanie Ware said, “Everyone is upset. There’s people in tears,”  who flew in from Los Angeles and was trying to get to Venice on her honeymoon.

“We rebooked for Venice for tonight, which they also have canceled now,” she told Sky News. “So we have no way of getting out of Heathrow and they haven’t compensated us for anything, and we’re stuck and this is the worst honeymoon ever.

“British Airways has ruined our honeymoon.”

— Tonda Sallee, who was trying to fly to Frankfurt, said she has been in line for five hours, “and we have no idea how long we’ll be in line. The rest of the day I’m sure, and we probably won’t fly out today either.”

Many passengers complained about a lack of information from the airline.

— Londoner Terry Page said that, “Some 80-year-old lady was standing around waiting for announcements, et cetera, and she fell over,”  who managed to get on one of the last flights from Heathrow to Dallas-Fort Worth on Saturday. He and other passengers arrived, but their luggage did not.

“We helped her up and she said ‘I’m just so tired,’ ” Page said. “It’s been a terrible, terrible day.”

What do you think caused British Airways mayhem, could it be IT glitch, Power supply or Result of outsourcing the IT projects ?

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