Scientific results of High-Heels

Have you ever wondered why Young/Old women complain of knee pain ?                     Have you also wondered why the female folks yearn for foot massage ?                          The reasons are not far-fetched.


Scientist have proven that high heels are dangerous when they are been worn while flat shoes are the way to go. Reasons been that, Body weight are evenly distributed in flat- shoes which is not so with the high-heels

Taking a glimpse from Physics:

The Newton third law of Motion states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. This third Law just summarised the concept of Equilibrium of Forces


Based on research, with high-heels,the body weight is shifted forward by 76% (just over three quarters of the body weight).

Adverse Effect of High-Heels

  1. This threatens inflammation of the Articular Capsule
  2. The Shinbone becomes warped and bending inwards
  3. The Spine becomes crooked
  4. Pelvic bones are deformed
  5. When combine with a narrow toe caps, this leads to a deformation of the toes and to a bony overgrowth


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