Battery Optimization : Microsoft is fighting Google again.


The leading health indicator of a battery is capacity; a unit that represents the ability to store energy. A new battery delivers (should deliver) 100 percent of the rated Ah capacity.

Battery life is hugely important, and it’s worth optimizing to get more hours and minutes out of our laptop while in use. Specifically, browsers are huge RAM that drain most of a laptop’s battery on a given day, and the major vendors are aware of this.

Last year, major vendor thrilled us by their competitive innovations where Microsoft trashed Chrome’s battery life with its then-new Edge browser, and then Google responded by trashing an older version of Chrome with a newer version of Chrome, and then Microsoft responded to that response with another comparison.

Now Microsoft is reigniting the issue with a new competitive video that puts the latest version of Edge, included in the new Windows 10 Creators Update, up against Chrome and Firefox. Firefox got seven hours of video-looping , Chrome made it past nine hours, and Edge lasted for twelve and a half hours.

In a blog post, Microsoft detailed its methodology. Using a Microsoft-created, open-source test called BrowserEfficiencyTest, Microsoft found that Edge uses 31 percent less power than Chrome, and 44 percent less power than Firefox.


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