Google’s AlphaGo AI will face the world’s best Go Player.

Lee Sedol playing with AlphaGo

It’s just over a year since Google’s DeepMind unit stunned the world when its AlphaGo AI won Go legend Lee Se-dol with the score 4-1 in a five-game match; the result has sparked a new interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

Her comes another year, the event will be hosted by Chinese Government with China Go Association in partnership with Google which is coming up  May 23-27 ( 5- days Summit).

Google’s DeepMind will be playing with the world’s best  Ke Jie, a 19-year-old Chinese player. A professional since the age of 10, Ke has beaten Lee several times in matches in recent years, including three finals victories before Lee’s  AlphaGo match with Google DeepMind.


The five day “Future of Go Summit” will include special match variants where professional Chinese Go players will face off against one another in partnership with an AlphaGo AI teammate, alternating moves between human and computer players.

The intriguing part will be when Humans and Machines react and respond to the moves of the game.  At the summit, Ke will have to prove his title and Base on logistics, Ke might find it hard winning the match.

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