Red Hat still in Gartner’s Visionary Quadrant

Red hat Virtualization.jpg

Red Hat is placed in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure amongst other categories which are Data Science Platforms, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Business Intelligence (2017), Mobile Application Development Quadrant etc.

The Magic Quadrant (MQ) are a series of market research reports published by the United States research and advisory firm, Gartner aim is to provide qualitative analysis into a market and its direction, maturity and participants. This analysis is conducted for several specific technology industries and are updated every 1-2 years.

Gartner’s rates vendors upon two (2) criteria: Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. This Quadrant is categorized into 4 which are as follows:

Magic Quadrant

  • Leaders: Leaders have the highest composite scores for their completeness of vision and ability to execute. A vendor in the quadrant has the market share, credibility and marketing and sales capabilities needed to drive the acceptance of new technologies.
  • Challengers: Challengers participate in the market and executes well enough to be serious threat to vendors in the Leader’s quadrant. Financial viability is not an issue but they lack the influence of vendors in leader’s quadrant.
  • Visionaries: A vendor in a visionary quadrant delivers innovative products that address operationally or financially important end-user problems at a broad scale, but has not yet demonstrated the ability to capture market share or sustainable profitability.

They are mostly privately held companies and acquisition targets for larger, established companies.

  • Niche Players: Vendors in the Niche Players quadrant are often narrowly focused on specific market and vertical segments. This quadrant may include vendors that are adapting their existing products to enter the market under consideration, or larger vendors having difficulty developing and executing on their vision.

Red Hat made it to the visionary quadrant primarily because of the strong tie between KVM adoption and Open Stack, as well as an increase in Open Stack adoption and Integration.

Red hat file.jpg

This can further be explained that Red Hat is in the visionary quadrant based on its rich cloud software stack, its strength with OpenStack and its role in driving container Technologies.

Based on the Gartner’s criteria which are Ability to Execute and Complteness of Vision, these can further be grouped as follows;

  1. Ability to Execute
  • Product or Service
  • Overall Viability
  • Sales Execution/ Pricing
  • Market Responsiveness/ Record
  • Marketing Execution
  • Customer Experience
  • Operations
  1. Completeness of Vision
  • Market Understanding
  • Market Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Offering (Product) Strategy
  • Business Model
  • Vertical/ Industry Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Geographic Strategy


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