Samsung Electronics set to Refurbish Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Despite the tragedy associated with Galaxy S7 Note, Samsung has decided to refurbish the retrieved devices (Galaxy Note 7).

In Samsung newsroom blog, Samsung Electronics announced the established three principles to ensure that Galaxy Note 7 devices are recycled and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Firstly, devices shall be considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable. We will sure know the release date of the device. Also, WIRED has contacted trading standards in the UK to ask whether the devices are going to be re-sold in the UK and we will update this story once a response is received.

Secondly, salvageable/reusable components will be reuse. Specifically, it says semiconductors and camera modules will be removed and used for “test sample production purposes”.

Finally, processes such as metals extraction shall be performed using environmentally friendly methods via eco- friendly companies. Examples of such metals are : Copper, Nickel, Gold and Silver.

Samsung announcing the result of Note & debacle which was linked to assembling and battery mis-management. The report added that batteries made by its own company Samsung SDI were too small in one corner, causing electrodes to be bent and increase the chances of the device short circuiting. In a separate set of batteries, produced by Amperex Technology Ltd, batteries were incorrectly welded and points left on the batteries were able to penetrate protective insulation.

Samsung has decided to join the EU’s R&D and test efforts to develop new eco-friendly processing methods as part of their ongoing commitment to recycling.

Samsung electronics is looking forward to a better year with the launch of Galaxy S8 tomorrow at London and New York simultaneously and the company’s promotional branding has been titled ‘This is a phone.’

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