Google Home launches in the UK on April 6th

google home

Google is set to launch the long awaited Google Home on April 6th in the UK, It was launched by Google I/O almost a year but, was not available in the US market till last November.

Hosting an event in a makeshift London home, the search giant unveiled its hardware plans for Europe.  Google Home is said to be online for £129 from April 6th which is undercutting Amazon Echo/ Assistant by £20.

Like Amazon’s Echo, Home can answer basic queries, and do tasks like timers or control smart home devices. Google’s main advantage over the Echo is its ability to handle contextual conversations.

Google said that, “It has hidden treats for the UK market”. The company has integrated lots of services and sources to match the Britons specification. The intelligent Assistant is built on top of Google’s existing search and AI expertise.

Google is also launching coloured bases for customization, these will be available for £18 for fabric and £36 for metal versions.


Google also plans to launch Google WIFI also that same day for £129 for a one pack and £229 for two modules.

Google Home and Google WIFI will be available via Google Store, or Argos, Dixons, John Lewis, and Maplins.

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