Germany plans to use voice recognition to detect Asylum’s Country

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Germany tends to use speech analysis technology to help determine asylum seekers’ countries of origin, according to a report from Die Welt. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) will test the software within the next two weeks, the paper reports, with plan on rolling it out in 2018.

The information could then be used as one of the indicators that migration officers will consider when reviewing asylum application. According to Die Welt,  “The technology is based on voice authentication software used by banks and insurance companies, but it was  modified to sooth the purpose to dialect analysis”.

“The idea is to record a separate speech sample from asylum seekers and to carry out an automatic dialect analysis,” Julian Detzel, of BAMF’s Global Strategy digitization and IT program management told “Die Welt.”

The major problem with Asylum application is that there is no form of identity. BAMF is facing similar problem, it was previously estimated that around 60 percent of people who sought asylum in 2016 did not have identification papers when they arrived in Germany.

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Germany has been using linguistic experts to analyze dialects and determine countries of origin since 1998, according to Deutsche Welle. When it is difficult to detect linguistic expert uses the different names for food.

Dirk Hovy, a computer scientist at the University of Copenhagen, tells Die Welt that BAMF’s the system would need to incorporate speech data that is demographically representative of asylum seekers, which would involve the creation of a broad database.  “Creating a perfect database is virtually impossible,” Hovy said, “because language is constantly changing.”


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