Uber’s self-driving cars now picking up passengers in Arizona


Though Uber facing the explosive report of sexual harrassment within its Engineering team and also some blows from the California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Uber has developed tough skin to its and moved on with their plans. The drama between Uber and California lasted just over a week

Almost two months to the day after Uber loaded its fleet of self-driving SUVs into the trailer of a self-driving truck and stormed off to Arizona in a self-driving problem, the company is preparing to launch its second experiment (if you don’t count the aborted San Francisco pilot) in autonomous ride-hailing.

Starting today, those in Tempe, Arizona can order up one of Uber’s self-driving Volvo XC90 SUV’s on the platform.

The Arizona program has firm support from state Governor Doug Ducey, who’s been supportive of the plan since the day these automated vehicles showed up, telling Uber the state welcomed the companies self-driving fleet, “with open arms and wide open roads.”

uber governor.jpg

He is expected to be “Rider Zero” on an autonomous trip along with Anthony Levandowski, VP of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group.

This is a big step forward for Uber’s futuristic plans to conduct the majority of its trips in self-driving cars, but it still has real-world hurdles in its path. Not sure if the rollout of a new self-driving pilot will do much to repair the company’s reputation.

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