TensorFlow event in Lagos, Nigeria


Few days back, a technology event called TensorFlow was organised in Lagos at IdeaHub alongside with some countries of the world. It was very educative because of the sections of the events in-fact, both Men and Ladies were in attendance.

In the cause of the event, it was like time grew wings and everyone wish the summit continued although the message was adequately passed anyways. The summit was basically structured into three phases – Presentation, Practical and Party.

One of the facilitator, Tomiwa said, “Machine learning is the science of getting computer to act without being explicitly programmed”. He also said that  Machine Learning process is encapsulated into Data exploration, Model Experiment and Deploy Model.



I draw a clue from his statement that says “the only way to be good at machine Learning is PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE AGAIN”. This is not only limited to Machine Learning but all spheres of human endeavour.

Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty.

“Machine Learning is the secret source of tomorrow. It will only make sense if there are one set of tool researchers can use to try out their crazy ideas and if it works it can be move without having to rewrite the code”, Grey Corrado  (Senior Research Scientist).


The practicals was done with Codelabs and some other criteria must be met to be on the  go.

  1. Basic Understanding on Unix
  2. OS X or Linux
  3. A fair amount of Money

At this point, the audience gave a funny sigh. I think Ma-Learn  app should be invented in-order to reward Machine Learning enthusiast will extra income at the early stage of coding just like the invention of SafeDrive App .


Tensorflow had something for everyone(Networks, Menus, Music and lots more)





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