SafeDrive App: Escape Route to an Accident-free Country


In the year 2015, report shows that accident both on the road, rails and on other transport network are increasing by the sec.

Some said it could be to the fact that there are bad road networks but i think accident is a two-way thing. Either , the fault of the drivers or the road network.

According to the report, there are suggestions on how to reduce the rate of accident. Some of which are very known to us . Despite follow this, the rate of causalities is still on the increase.

Few months back, a report by FRSC was published advising commercial drivers on the use of speedlimiter though these raise eye-brow about the fail of this device in kenya as seen in their statistic. The statistic shows that there are no much reduction in the rate of fatality and this made Kenya drop the device.

Some of the short- comings of the speedlimiter are :

  1. It is expensive for commercial road users and we all know that this device is basically for their usage. With this,it has defeated the use of the device.
  2. Most commercial road user don’t have a speed-reader in fact some assume the speed rate when competing with other road users.
  3. Some say the device is not precise and this short-coming nonnegotiable because when dealing with  speed control, precision is a MUST.

Mr Cobalas, 30, from Romania, developed SafeDrive, an app that rewards drivers for ignoring their phones while driving.


Once a driver exceeds 6mph (10kmh), the app launches a “Release” button on the screen, effectively locking the phone. Driving without checking the phone generates points that can be converted into shopping discounts in the SafeDrive Marketplace.

Pressing the Release button while driving wipes out the points earned during that journey.

If the introduction of speed limiting device would make Nigeria join the league of nations like Japan, Australia and Sweden. Using a device that generate income to the user  will be a good bet been that most road users are addicted to their phones and we all want extra income.

Do you think this will reduce accident to the bare minimum ?

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