Apple tactically opposes Third-Party Repair’


Apple is strongly against the “right to repair” and is planning to fight any such legislation, says a report.

Currently being considered by the Nebraska State Legislature, the proposed “right to repair” legislation for electronics products will require electronic device manufacturers to furnish diagnostic tools, service manuals and even repair parts to consumers and independent repair shops.

Motherboard reports that a source has confirmed to them that Apple intends to fight any such legislation. Motherboard is keeping the source’s identity anonymous.

Reportedly, Nebraska is one of 8 US states (Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Wyoming) considering the bill, and two such bills have already been passed.

Speaking to Motherboard, the source claims that Apple, AT&T and others will present arguments against the bill, including the fact that Lithium-Ion batteries can catch fire and that glass can cut consumers’ hands.

Apple is not alone in making nigh-on unrepairable products, but it is the most prominent offender on this front. Apple’s entire production lineup in 2017, including the recently announced MacBooks, are almost impossible to repair. All the components are soldered on and usually, the only option for consumers is to have the entire mainboard replaced, which is very expensive.

iFixit gave the 2016 MacBook Pro a repairability score of 1 on 10, for example.

In India as well, these repairs are expensive. Replacing the screen on a current generation iPhone, officially, can cost as much as Rs 25,000 . Getting it replaced at an independent, unauthorised service centre can cut down the cost, and time of repair, by half.

By not handing out diagnostic and service manuals, let alone spare parts, Apple, and other manufacturers, are making it very hard to perform any sort of third-party repair job.

Gay Gordon Byrne of explains to Motherboard that manufacturers like Apple have been promoting the idea that it’s unsafe to repair your device for years. is fighting to support the bill and intends to get at least one such bill passed this year.

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