Close a deal as RedHat Professionals


It is evident that values are not good enough until they are deployed where needed, moreover, closing deals is an important project to a company . Interconnect Clearinghouse Nigeria Limited (ICN) signed up for a training with Adedayo Adesanya , CEO Virtual Nigeria for a week couple of week and this training span across RedHat, JBoss and the Sales aspect. “This  training process has been very educative and informative” said by the Participants.

Interconnect Clearinghouse Nigeria Limited (ICN) is a Nigerian company that house other companies servers and Virtual Nigeria helps in the maintenance of the servers

virtual-nigeria           20170202_133733.jpg


Do your assignment before visiting your prospective customer. you cannot go to the farm without adequate preparation.

  • Firstly, Planning is the key. Plan, Plan and Plan again, it is dangerous to visit a prospect without adequate preparation. Know your why’s
  • Secondly, build your team members.
  • Thirdly, let the technical person  go through the report.

With this preparation, don’t feel disappointed at the response of your client. Another stumbling is the Security, so control the situation.

The moment you are allow into the Infrastructure, give it your best shot. Deliver your values without leaving any behind.


  1. What are you IT pain points
  2. Look up your targets online before visiting
  3. Foot-printing/ Reconnaissance
  4. Follow-up






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