Movie that portray behind Project Mercury at NASA 1961

The story of Project Mercury at NASA is not open to the public until  few months ago when President Barack Obama honoured the female African-American mathematics named Katherine G  Johnson at Presidential Medal of Freedom that calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury in 1961.

katherine_johnson young.png

To some this story is strange, may be because we are concern about the results of a research and not the researchers that work tirelessly to make research/innovation at reality. This is the first flight in space. That’s right !

With this singular act, she has paved ways for other Scientist to visit  other Galaxy. There are other women that said,”No to Sexism, Racism, Natural Law” to make an impact. Dorothy  Vaughan, Mary Jackson are also Katherine’s friend that fought against natural laws.


In respect to this events, a movie company “20th Century Fox” produced a movie captioned “HIDDEN FIGURES”. this was filmed with the likes of Taraji P. Henson, Octavio Spencer, Janelle Monae, Pharrell Williams, Theodore Melfi, Kevin Costner, and lots more.

This is a must watch to any technology enthusiastic.




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