The Escape Route out of Global Warming

Increase in temperature due to green house gases (CO2, clorofluorocarbon and other pollutant) is known as Green house. Whenever combustion takes place there is a release in CO2 and other pollutant and these gases are detrimental to human health this decades and centuries to come.

Chemically:                      COMBUSTION = HEAT + OXYGEN

For a while, researchers and scientist has been on their toes to find solution to the depletion of the ozone layer. But all this is nothing compared to what lies ahead, NASA says. what it expects for the not so distant future is unprecedented in contemporary weather records, unprecedented in at least the past 1000 years.

global-warming  Solutions in MIT Tech Review Journal for Jan and Feb.

To stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases at today’s levels, the EPA recently estimated that it would be necessary to cut emissions of C02 by 50 percent. Unfortunately, such cuts would probably be impractical, because they would severely constrain economic development.

Sustaining the Environment

Electricity – The use of a Solar to generate Power for Industries, domestic use will go a long way in reducing the use of Lanterns, Candles, and lots more.

Car combustion – Mass transit buses is highly recommended because this will take a large amount of car owner off the road. by so doing, the rate of car combustion is reduced to minimal. On a large scale, let us stop gas flaring cause this causes more harm than good. Gas flaring is still practise in some African countries like Nigeria. There should be a policy against this act of inhumanity.


Domestic/ Industrial Waste – Waste can be recycle to be Bio-gas, Fertilizer/Manure for Cooking and Agricultural produces respectively. Plant a tree policy should be used because it reduces the rate of environmental disaster (Erosion, Earthquake ) and also Global Warming.

Training –  The role of education and  training about the effect of Global Warming on our existence in the rural and urban areas should not be sidelined.



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