It is evident classrooms of this generation is more hi-tech than that of our parents and grandparents.

In this century,where Artificial Intelligence is threaten jobs, the skills the children need to learn are likely to be different from the three Rs that have for so long been the mainstay of education.

The BBC went along to the Bett conference in London in search of different ways of teaching and learning. A third group are heading off this weekend on an unusual skiing trip. Travelling with them will be 11 Nao robots, which the pupils plan to teach how to ski.

The school – which sets no homework, relying instead on pupils wanting to get on with their projects in their own time – is, according to Mr Fowler, “inspiring children to be part of a new type of learning”.

Despite this, the London Design and Engineering university technical college – which caters for 14-to 19-year-olds – was massively oversubscribed when it opened its doors for the first time in September.

The 180 pupils lucky enough to have got a place have had a very different experience of the curriculum in the 12 weeks since they joined. The school works with a range of industry sponsors, including the University of East London, Thames Water and Fujitsu, all of which offer input into the types of skills they would like to see children learn to equip them for the workplace as well as offering apprenticeships. Lots of primary schools are now convinced of the importance of learning to code.



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